sexta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2010

The Skin

The skin is the main organ of the sense of touch.
It is one of the bodies largest and most complex organs.
It weighs from six to ten pounds.
It is made of two layers, the epidermis or the top layer, and the dermis or the bottom layer.
The top part of the epidermis is a layer of dead skin cells. These flake off and are replaced all the time.
We lose about 50 milion skin cells everyday.
The skin contains hair follicles, nerve endings, sweat glands, and blood vessels.
The skin is not equally thick al over your body. The soles of your feet are the thickest. And the eyelid has the thinnest skin on the entire body.

Actually, there are four different types of skin:
1.Mucocutaneous: at the junction of the mucous membrane, hairy skin, lips, and tongue.
2.Mucous membrane: lining the inside of body orifices.
3.Glabrous: skin without hair.
4.Hairy: skin with hair.

Glabrous skin has an epidermal layer of about 1.5 mm in thickness and a dermis of about 3 mm.
Hairy skin has an epidermal layer of 0.07 mm in thickness and a dermis of about 1-2 mm.

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